We sustainably develop products, minimise waste, ensure long service time, and enable reuse and recycling.
Sustainability is a critical element of our operations and daily activities at all levels of the Celltech organisation.

For us, this means the Celltech Lifecycle product approach, including openness, reliability, the safety of use, respecting the environment, and focus on the need in the design and manufacturing that prolong the useful life of Celltech battery systems. As one of the market-leading companies, we understand our responsibility and strong market position. Thus, we set the same high demands for our suppliers and partners as for ourselves. 

Our solutions increase the productivity, efficiency and carbon handprint of our customers.

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Celltech Solutions ESG Policy

Celltech Lifecycle
Celltech Lifecycle - The Celltech Way of Operation

Definition & Evaluation

We don’t necessarily define the products you ask for, but we always provide you with the products you need based on a careful evaluation. We are genuinely interested in the challenges you face and want to understand fully what is the best way to overcome them. For us, a close partnership with the customer is the key.

Design & Development

We consider the pros and cons of different chemistries and technologies for your industry and application and design solutions that are both technically and commercially the best fit for your need. This leads to sustainable solutions that will have a long and productive life in service.

Verification & Validation

To ensure a long and productive lifetime, some iterations are usually needed. First, we create prototypes based on the design. Then, the prototype is put into selected tests that simulate real-life use.


The tests are carried out under authorised conditions. As a result, different ISO/IEC certifications can be acquired, ranging from various safety aspects to insulation and electromagnetic compatibility. Sustainable solutions are safe and energy-efficient, and certificates confirm that objectively.


We evaluate the overall process sustainability. We assess the environmental impact and material criticality and optimise components for recyclability. So naturally, material recycling is carried out on all of our production sites.
We make sure electricity does not go to waste in our manufacturing plants. We conserve energy in testing by using electricity from discharged batteries to charge others.

Global Logistics

We follow, report and aim to minimise carbon footprint in all logistics operations in Celltech Group. Battery transportation requires following the regulations down to the smallest detail to guarantee safety. This is something we have always taken very seriously.

Lifetime support

Delivery from our production site is only the beginning. We support our customers throughout the product’s lifetime, ensuring safe and optimised use. Our customers don’t need to have battery expertise because we do.

2nd life applications & recycling

A battery solution supplied by Celltech typically comes to the end of its 1st life when its charge capacity is reduced by some 20%. At this point, the battery is still functioning and can be used for its 2nd life as it is, for example, in applications where surplus electricity is stored, like wind farms. Reusability of the modules in 2nd life not only extends the service life but also improves the cost-efficiency of the modules.
After 2nd life, the battery solution is recycled. We ensure that the battery is easy to disassemble and that the materials used are recyclable.