Advanced battery systems

We specialise in developing safe to use battery systems that enable our customers to outperform the competition with their products. We have a deep understanding of different battery chemistries and industry-specific safety requirements and can ensure that the best possible technology is used for every application. Our experienced engineers will design a battery system based on your requirements that truly meets your needs.

In addition, to complete battery system design, testing, simulation, validation, certification, and manufacturing capabilities, we provide full support throughout the product lifetime from the initial concept study to possible 2nd life application and recycling.

Celltech Lifecycle
Celltech battery systems – product lifecycle

Celltech platforms

We have designed and manufactured over 1000 customer-specific battery solutions starting from simple primary alkaline battery packs to highly advanced Lithium battery systems with cloud-based online monitoring and management. Our knowledge of battery system design and manufacturing collected over the years helps us design new customer-specific battery systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

Based on our experience, we have used an evolutionary development process to create a set of tough platforms to support our customers in industrial electrification. In honour of our role models from nature, we have named our platforms  RhinoTurtle and Beetle,

Customised Battery Systems Based On The Rhino Platform Leaving The Factory
Customised Battery Systems Based On The Rhino Platform Leaving The Factory

The chosen platform can be used as a starting point for your company-specific solution. The platforms have already been used in many customer projects and have proven to cut costs and have a faster time-to-market. With common platforms, we can use some of the same components in many different application-specific battery systems without sacrificing a truly customised solution.

However, this does not mean that you have to pick one of the three. Our specialists will evaluate the most suitable module. It is also possible to start without a platform if that is a more suitable way for your specific solution.

Celltech Battery System

Rhino platform

A heavy duty ally in electrification of larger machinery


Turtle platform

Reliable and agile durability


Beetle platform

A safe and compact power source


All of our platforms are manufactured on premises that are ISO certified. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001

BVCER SansQR ISO 45001
BVCER SansQR ISO 14001

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