World’s first high-power LTO-based battery system for large-scale start-stop functions 

LTO Based System

Our engineering team has successfully developed the world’s first high-power LTO-based battery system prototype, uniquely designed for large-scale start-stop functions. This system offers exceptional power and longevity in a compact size, complete with the latest safety features. Powered by Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) chemistry, this innovative system represents a significant advancement, offering a remarkable blend of durability and efficiency essential for demanding conditions such as mining operations. 

LTO Chemistry Overview

LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) technology marks a shift from traditional battery designs. LTO batteries are exceptionally durable and showcase significantly improved safety and longevity, lasting much longer than batteries based on other chemistries under comparable conditions. Although LTO batteries have a lower energy density, they compensate with a lower total cost of ownership and minimal maintenance needs. They also perform reliably across a wide range of temperatures and are capable of very high-power charging and discharging speeds, making them ideal for multiple demanding applications.  

Collaboration and Customer Engagement 

Throughout the development of the LTO battery system, maintaining a close collaboration with our customer was paramount. Our priority was to gain a deep understanding of the end-user’s real-life challenges and ensure transparency at every project stage. This approach ensured that our development process closely matched and often exceeded the customer’s expectations, while keeping them fully informed about the final product’s capabilities and specifications. This cooperative effort, enriched by our concepts, tests, and simulations, not only produced a solution tailored to meet specific operational needs but also built strong trust among all parties involved. 

Integration with Turtle Battery Platform 

The prototype leverages the proven Turtle battery platform‘s Battery Management System (BMS), a testament to the versatility and reliability of our existing technology. By integrating the same BMS used in other Turtle platform-based systems, we’ve significantly streamlined development time and enhanced the prototype’s performance. This approach exemplifies how our three battery platforms can be a robust foundation for any project, facilitating rapid development and deployment.

Key Features of the LTO-Based Battery System

  • Low Voltage, High Current: The system operates at a low voltage of 25V but is capable of handling high currents. This design demands increased cross section current pathway design to effectively manage and distribute the high current load, ensuring optimal performance under heavy-duty conditions. 
  • High Power Cell: Selected cell with LTO technology offers low impedance and high performance over an extended lifetime ( > 20000 cycles), providing best-in-class performance in broad operating temperatures. 
  • Flexible Cell Configuration: Our cell module and system design can accommodate cells arranged both in parallel and in series. This flexibility allows for customised power and capacity configurations, making the system adaptable to various operational needs within many customer segments. 
  • Independent Operation: One of the standout features of this battery system is its ability to function without external CAN communication. This independence simplifies the overall system architecture, reducing potential points of failure and maintenance requirements. 
  • Peak discharge current of 4000A for 0.5s: This feature provides a peak discharge of 4000A for 0.5 seconds, crucial for applications requiring a quick, intense burst of power. It’s particularly valuable in situations that need rapid response and high energy output. 
  • Exceptional power and longevity in a compact size: This compact system measures approx. 683 x 570 x 310 mm (length, width, height) and weighs approx. 120kg, delivering powerful performance and long cycle life. It includes advanced safety features to prevent overcharging and overheating, making it perfect for demanding applications. 
  • IP65 rating: Indicates the high level of protection, making this system exceptionally durable and suitable for harsh environmental conditions. 


The development of the LTO chemistry-based battery systems represents a significant achievement in our ongoing efforts to innovate within the energy storage and power management sectors, particularly for mining applications. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to refining this technology, driven by our core values of expertise, collaboration, and innovation. This prototype not only demonstrates our capability to meet specific industrial needs but also reinforces our commitment to advancing battery technology in ways that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. 

Lto Based Battery System

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