Our new website and the new factory are launched

Celltech Solutions Tampere 1

With our new factory we also opened our new website. Here you will find our solutions for electrifying industrial vehicles and equipment, as well as information on our process of designing battery systems.

Celltech Solutions designs battery systems tailored to the customer’s needs. The system can be based on one of three platforms developed by Celltech – Beetle, Gutsy or Rhino. The platforms have been developed to meet the requirements of different sizes and power solutions from storage robots to mining vehicles. You can read more about the trio on our website.

Responsibility is involved in all stages of our product development. On our website, we talk about the life cycle and safety of our products and how we have taken sustainable development into account from materials to logistics as well as maximizing the life and recycling of our batteries.

Serial production starting in Tampere’s new production facilities utilizes the latest technology and the best Finnish know-how. The industry is evolving, the green transition is taking over more and more industries and customer demands are growing rapidly. We report these actively on our website and on our LinkedIn channel.

Celltech is Finland’s leading importer of custom batteries and a manufacturer of battery systems. Together with its sister companies, Celltech Group is one of the biggest players in the industry in Europe. Celltech Group is part of the Sweden-based Addtech AB Group.