Embracing Professional Growth: An Interview with Lauri Ylä-Himanka, Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions

Interview With Summer Trainee

Discover the journey of Lauri Ylä-Himanka, a 24-year-old automation engineering student at Tampere University and Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions. In the interview, Lauri talks about his background, discussing his work in different industries during summers and how his time at Celltech Solutions contributed to his professional development.

1.Who is Lauri Ylä-Himanka?

I am a 24-years old automation engineering student from Tampere University. I moved to Tampere four years ago from Uusikaupunki. I have spent summers working in industry from a young age. In my first years I was working in the production in a sheet metal factory and assembly of heat exchangers got my first job in an office when my second year in university was over. I was a maintenance developer in battery manufacturing and last year I did software development of automation systems.

I spend most of my free time climbing outdoors and indoors when the weather is not favourable. Some summer weekends are spent sailing at sea or hiking in the forest. Every winter I have been on a ski touring trip to the Alps, Norway or here in Finland.

2. What motivated you to apply for an internship at Celltech Solutions?

I have always been Interested In the development of science and technology. Especially now when climate change is forcing us to make changes towards sustainable energy. Energy revolution Is Inevitably In front of us, and I want to be part of that development.

3. As a development engineer trainee, what specific projects or tasks have you been involved in during your summer internship?

As a development engineer trainee, I have been involved in production development, designing automation and measurement software to increase production capacity. In example, I have been doing interface-to-cell measurement device and interface monitoring of battery module tester.

4. How has your experience at Celltech Solutions helped you grow both personally and professionally?

The work has allowed me to really think about new solutions and ways of doing them, including a lot of information gathering. The job has allowed me to put into practice what I have learned at university.

5. Throughout your internship, have there been any valuable lessons or insights you’ve gained that you believe will shape your future career in engineering?

Throughout my internship, adapting to an engineer’s mindset has been a valuable lesson. I have learned to think and work more like an engineer. There is not always just one right way, but many ways to approach problems. Often there is no direct instruction, but you must work out the solution yourself or with the help of colleagues.

6. How was your experience working with the development team and other colleagues at Celltech Solutions?

I have been fortunate to have many experts in their field as colleagues. There is always someone willing to help even when the problem is not familiar, and no direct answer is available.

7. What are your main interests now and plans for the future?

Now my main interests are developing myself as an engineer and as a person. I will also try to complete the last few courses properly and seek a topic for my incoming thesis. My goal for this semester is to graduate and do part-time work at the same time.

Currently, Lauri is considering potential topics for his graduation work and the option of completing it at Celltech Solutions.

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