Latest update on Celltech’s Tampere Factory Expansion and Strategy Implementation!

Cellttech Tampere Factory Expansion

We are excited to share the rapid progress in Celltech’s Tampere factory expansion, driven by our growing customer demand. The current expansion underscores our dedication to supporting our customers Time-To-Market leveraging the Turtle and Rhino platforms as well as more customised solutions. 

This expansion aligns with our mission to cater to the increasing demand for durable and secure battery solutions for industrial vehicles. Celltech Solutions Business Area Manager Ville Kaivo sheds light on the factors influencing this decision and provides insights into the future plans for the Tampere factory. 

What specific factors led to the decision to expand the factory? 

 With our customers increasing efforts and investments towards electrification, it has become evident we need to prepare for the growth in the battery system market, whether in off-road machinery traction batteries or large scale supporting battery solutions. The timing of the expansion is of course driven by the trust and commitments received from our valued customers utilising our battery platforms, proving the reliability, performance and high level of added value we bring to the table. 

What is the expected timeline for completing the construction and initiating operations in the expanded area? 

 The building stage has progressed well, thanks to the dedicated people involved, and we estimate to receive the building for operations as planned during the summer 2024. The planning for the operational implementation is ongoing and includes the expansion of production capacity for the existing products as well as the implementation of production solutions for completely new battery systems hitting the market during 2024 and 2025.  

With clients embracing electrification, how does the expansion cater to the growing demand for battery solutions for industrial vehicles? 

I think this expansion and our plans for the future are the key enablers for our customers who have clearly set the strategy with concrete actions towards electrification. As no one can do this transformation alone, there is a high demand from the industry for a stable and capable battery system supplier to provide the base to build upon, as our front-running customers provide zero-emission machinery and system solutions to enable a more sustainable future. 

What are the future plans for Celltech’s Tampere factory in terms of further expansions or technological advancements? 

 Moving forward together with our long-term customers, as well as new ones, it is evident we need to be able to support the development of the customer offering, whether it is through technological advancements or broader market demand. Our talented team, long relationships with suppliers and activities in research programs guarantee a front-row seat for the new technologies, enabling a deeper understanding of relevant solutions for our customers, always keeping in mind the commercial realities. For this reason, our operational roadmap has been built to enable further expansion in production capability as well as having a technology roadmap capable of handling exciting new opportunities through engineering and development.  

Stay tuned for insightful updates as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and innovation. 
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