We are pleased to announce our participation in the 4th Design & Development of Zero-Emission Off-Highway Machinery conference. The event will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 22nd-23th May 2024. It will be held in a hybrid format to ensure everyone can participate in this event.  

Celltech will launch the new Rhino Battery System at the event. Come and meet our specialists and discuss how Rhino platform can be utilised to electrify heavy machinery. Our R&D Manager Mikko Kouvo will also give a presentation about the Efficient Electrification of Off-Highway Vehicles with an LFP-Based Battery Platform.  


At Celltech, we specialise in developing safe-to-use battery systems that enable our customers to outperform the competition with their products. We have developed three different-sized platforms: Beetle, Turtle, and Rhino, to support our customers in industrial electrification. These platforms can be a starting point for your company-specific battery solution. 
Furthermore, we focus on leveraging the safest and most durable technologies LFP (Lithium Iron-Phosphate) and LTO (Lithium Titanate). Our skilled engineers guide our clients in selecting the technology that best fits their application, ensuring optimal performance and safety. 

With our  Celltech lifecycle model, we provide complete battery system design, testing, simulation, validation, certification, manufacturing capabilities, and full support throughout the product lifetime, from the initial concept study to possible 2nd life application and recycling. 

This conference is an opportunity for industry leaders to exchange experience and opinions on the latest developments in electric Off-Highway Machinery. Highlighting the event, our Research & Development Manager, Mikko Kouvo, will deliver a comprehensive speech. He will delve into the fast-growing trend of Efficient Electrification of Off-Highway Vehicles, specifically focusing on the adoption of an LFP-Based Battery Platform. His presentation will cover key topics including the critical decision of selecting the appropriate battery system, guaranteeing its reliability and safety, and addressing the challenges of optimizing the total cost of ownership and accelerating time-to-market. 
Furthermore, Juha-Pekka Lammi will augment the session by sharing Celltech’s valuable expertise and experience in developing an LFP-based battery platform tailored for off-highway vehicle battery systems. Through this presentation, attendees will gain deep insights into the practical aspects and strategic considerations involved in battery solutions within the sector, reinforcing the conference’s role as an event for knowledge exchange and innovation in the field of electric Off-Highway Machinery. 

In an age where environmental concerns and the need to combat climate change are more pressing than ever, developing zero-emission off-highway machinery is key to technological progress. The shift toward a greener, more sustainable future fuels a growing demand for cleaner, more efficient machinery. Electrification stands out as a leading solution, utilizing technologies like battery-electric, hybrid, and fuel cells to drive sustainable industrial practices. This transition is not just a goal but a vital step to protect our planet and lessen the environmental impact of these sectors. 

The conference will tackle the design and development challenges and opportunities for zero-emission off-highway machinery, focusing on sustainability, technological advances, and collaboration across sectors. It will cover foundational principles, new technologies, and the pathway to progress.  

The target audience for this event is senior engineers, R&D professionals, and top management from off-highway machinery-producing companies, research institutes, construction/mining companies, and regulatory bodies.  
Join us in Berlin to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments and to network with industry leaders. We welcome you to learn more about Celltech Solutions Oy and our advanced battery systems.