Verification & Validation

If the battery system fails, the product cannot be used. Therefore, we always make sure the customised battery solution fits its purpose in all circumstances. 

Prototypes are used in factory acceptance testing. Usually, prototyping is done on three different levels. First, the maturity level of the battery system can be quite low. It can have wrong materials and dimensions but it gives an idea of how the battery will work. On the second level, the prototype is similar to that taken to mass production but some of the components used might still be finalised. On the third level, the prototype is just like the final battery system.

The prototypes can be used in testing, simulation and validation. They are used to make sure that all the functional safety and other functional requirements are met. Safety must be tested both in normal- and misuse of the battery. The required tests may vary depending on the local regulations of the countries where the final product will be used. We have good capabilities to carry out various tests required by local standards.

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