2nd life applications & recycling

We believe in creating products that have a complete lifecycle, including second-life functions and recycling. Here is a breakdown of how Celltech Solutions approaches sustainability through second-life applications and recycling.

End of First Life

A battery solution supplied by Celltech typically reaches the end of its first life when its charge capacity is reduced by some 20%. However, even though it is no longer suitable for its original purpose, it could still be used in second-life functions, like stationary power applications. Second-life functions are part of the design process of Celltech products, and they are seen as part of the complete product lifecycle, always when possible. We design battery systems making them easily disassembled for recycling into raw materials. This means that modules can be separated into cells, and steel structures and plastic can be separated for recycling.

Collection and Entry Diagnostic

The process of 2nd life applications and recycling starts with collecting used batteries from various sources, including industrial applications. Once collected, these batteries are transported to a recycling plant, where they undergo an entry diagnostic to determine their suitability for second-life applications or recycling.

Second-Life Battery Production

Batteries that are deemed suitable for a second life undergo a series of processes that include disassembly, regeneration, assembly, and coupling to create a second-life battery module. This process allows the batteries to continue to be useful in industrial applications, extending their life and reducing the need for new batteries to be produced.

Industrial Battery Recycling

For batteries that are not suitable for second-life applications, the process is different. These batteries undergo processing and disassembly to produce secondary raw materials and other remnants that can be used in other applications. This process reduces the amount of waste produced while creating valuable resources that can be used again.

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Properly handling industrial batteries through second-life applications and recycling is crucial for a cleaner, greener future. Celltech Solutions is committed to creating products that have a complete lifecycle, including second-life functions and recycling, making it a sustainable choice for battery solutions.

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Celltech Lifecycle 2nd Life Application&recycling

The EU battery regulation

The new EU Battery regulation will be published in the summer of 2023. The regulation will affect all manufacturers of equipment that use industrial batteries.

Manufacturers must ensure that batteries in their equipment comply with the new rules, are labelled with the appropriate information, and have plans for managing them at the end of life. Overall, manufacturers must take a proactive approach to managing the environmental impact of batteries in their products. Therefore, choosing a battery partner who can support with all the demands is of growing importance.

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