Capabilities – Celltech Lifecycle

Total Cost of Ownership

Celltech Lifecycle takes care of the Total Cost of Ownership of the solution. Considering the entire lifecycle, the delivered solution will have a long lifetime without needing replacement whenever a change in the operational environment takes place. This focus on sustainability throughout the value chain is essential as changes in regulations and customer demands occur all the time.

Transparency and Flexibility

Celltech Lifecycle provides transparency for all parties involved. It also ensures flexibility to react to all the sometimes surprising changes on the way. Celltech Lifecycle ensures the safety of use for our customers operating our solutions and the end users.


Celltech Lifecycle focuses on our customers’ needs for the entire length of the customer partnership. It all starts with the customer’s needs. We always evaluate the need and design the solution based on that, with all the required verification and validation steps.

Certification and Production

We are familiar with the needed certifications and provide what is required. We produce the chosen solutions in our factories or in collaboration with our partners with whom we have developed close relationships over the years. We provide all the logistics services needed and support our customers throughout the lifetime of the battery solution.