Transportation vehicles

As well as automobile manufacturers, the manufacturers of different vehicles are electrifying their products. Manufacturers of trucks, trams, boats, trains and other vehicles are expected to provide increasingly electrified solutions with more and more demanding performance requirements.

In addition to providing electricity to move the vehicles, also auxiliary battery systems are required. And it is not just the combustion engines that are being replaced by batteries, but also the hydraulics and pneumatics.

In all of these cases, one big advantage of electrification is the increased possibility for monitoring and analysing. There is much more data available than with traditional systems. The battery management systems can be in the cloud, and the data can be incorporated with big data for added value.

Support for the entire battery lifecycle

Fast charging, functional safety, long operational lifetime, and low total costs are some of the requirements that modern electrified vehicles must meet. Celltech has developed three different platforms based on which customer-specific solutions can be built. We also offer a full range of lifecycle services to our customers.

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Celltech Transportation Vehicle Battery System