In a world where everything and everyone are connected 24/7, telecom networks have become a bloodline of modern society. Critical operations rely on undisturbed and stable telecom networks every day of the year.

Our customers require batteries and power solutions that they can rely on even in the most extreme conditions. No matter what the temperature, the response time needs to be short for a reliable power supply. In the telecom industry, peaks in power demand are normal. Peak shaving provided by a battery system is an important feature, to minimise the effect of the peak on the grid.

We have provided high-performance and reliable battery and power systems for the telecom sector for over 30-years. We have a wide knowledge of different battery chemistries and have guided our customers on their journey from traditional Lead-Acid to modern Lithium-ion battery systems. We can provide small, lightweight batteries that can have millions of short discharge cycles.

With today’s battery systems it is possible to monitor, analyse and operate the battery remotely.  This saves downtime and traveling to reach the batteries no matter how remotely situated.

We have developed three battery platforms as a basis of customised solutions to cut costs, shorten the lead time and reduce risks. Naturally, if needed we can also start designing a solution from scratch.

Telecom Battery System