Non-road vehicles

Along with many other industries, non-road vehicles are going through electrification at an accelerating pace. Existing battery systems are replaced with new Li-ion-based technologies and machines running with internal combustion engines are re-designed to hybrid and fully electric. Demanding non-road applications require specifically designed battery systems that meet the functionalities and functional safety requirements set for them.

In many cases, industrial vehicles require a modular battery pack architecture that is designed and manufactured for extremely harsh use. In addition to high energy density, maximal peak power is required from time to time in many non-road applications. This means that designing batteries for these applications needs a different approach from basic electric vehicle battery design.

Support for the entire battery lifecycle

We have three predefined platforms that can be used as a starting point for your specific battery system to save costs and lead time. We are used to working with customers who operate globally and require global support. Our sustainable product lifecycle approach provides you with a global guarantee and -logistics as well as lifetime support. 

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Non Road Vehicle Batteries

Electrifying Non-Road Vehicles: A Path to Sustainability and Efficiency

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