AGV / Robots

Industrial automation, robotisation, and fully automised warehousing are rapidly growing. A safe and reliable battery system with a long lifetime is in the epicenter of a well-functioning and cost-effective solution enabling this kind of development. 

With AGVs and robots, it is quite often that many individual units form a fleet functioning together. Every unit is important and the efficiency of the fleet depends on how well the units work in harmony. 

We have learned a lot through working with OEMs in this field. For example, we know how to optimise the weight of the battery system. Cell-to-pack design allows us to optimise the mechanical form of the solution with minimal weight. We understand the importance of a wide operational temperature range, long operational life, high energy density combined with high power output, IP6X protection, and ATEX classifications.

Support for the entire battery lifecycle

We have three predefined platforms that can be used as a starting point for your specific battery system design to save costs and lead time. According to our sustainability principles and product lifecycle model, we provide you with lifetime support. You don’t have to be a battery specialist when working with us. We guide you to a safe and long lifetime for your battery solution.

Please contact us and we will find the best possible solution for you.

AGV Robot Battery System