Our goal is to have the best possible professionals with the right competencies in each position and we are constantly looking for people who are motivated to learn and innovate.

For students and graduates, we offer trainee positions, interesting opportunities for thesis work and entry-level jobs. With us, you start to work with real projects from day one and get to work with experienced colleagues that help you develop your skills. In our energic and innovative working environment, you can gain experience that will last for life.

We value new ideas, self-driven attitudes, and new thinking. If you want to be part of an interesting journey to electrify our world please send a short introduction via email along with a CV to

Shadi Interview.1

Shadi Samemaleki's Dynamic Summer Internship at Celltech

Explore the journey of Shadi Samemaleki, a marketing trainee at Celltech, as she shares his enriching summer internship experience. Dive into her summer internship experience, where she took the reins on impactful marketing campaigns and honed skills in data analysis and graphic design. Shadi's story is a testament to the transformative power of hands-on learning and the collaborative spirit at Celltech. Read Shadi's interview and get ready to be inspired for your own journey!



Discover the journey of Lauri Ylä-Himanka, a 24-year-old automation engineering student from Tampere University and Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions. In this interview, Lauri shares insights into his background, detailing his experiences working in various industrial roles during his summers. An avid climber and outdoor enthusiast, Lauri’s passion for science and technology led him to apply for an internship at Celltech Solutions, where he is actively contributing to production development and designing automation and measurement software.