Celltech Solutions Oy designs and produces battery solutions for industrial vehicles and equipment. Our goal is to become a leading battery-system design and production partner for industrial vehicle OEMs in Europe.

The electrification of industrial vehicles is done in a customized and customer-oriented manner based on three different sized platform solutions or from scratch according to the customer’s wishes. The company’s product development and production are located in Tampere, Finland but the entire Celltech Group‘s expertise and partner network provide a strong backbone for the operations.

Celltech is a part of Addtech AB, a company listed in Nasdaq Stockholm’s large-cap with annual revenue of 1,4 billion EUR.

Technology Knowhow

Technology know-how

At Celltech, we have extensive industry background and we have worked for decades with leading battery manufacturers. We know the pros and cons of different chemistries for each industry. Our experienced engineers will help you to select the best technical and commercial solution to fit your needs.



Celltech is committed to acting responsibly in all its operations:  Social, Financial and Environmental. We always consider the environmental impact, material criticality and commercial viability of our solutions, and ensure our products can have a second life.

We are a reliable partner who is here to stay. We have been focusing on batteries for the past forty years and intend to continue for at least another forty years.

Time To Market


Our agile team is here to help you to get your product to market in the desired time frame. Electrification requires a lot of careful planning and testing before a new product can be launched. Celltech enables time-efficient product launches without cutting any corners. 



Not only do we make sure that the chosen technologies are safe to use in the given application. We also give support to our customers on the safe operation of the batteries. We help in safe maintenance, transportation etc. We offer training and different maintenance services for safe utilisation and assembly.

Our quality department is very experienced in battery testing, and we have in place extensive viability testing and certification processes.