Rhino Battery System Made For Extreme Conditions

Rhino Battery Systems – Now Ready For Order

We are thrilled to announce that batteries based on the cutting-edge Rhino platform by Celltech Solutions for heavy-duty applications are available for order.

The Rhino platform battery systems stand out for their exceptional durability, high energy density, and extended lifespan, offering unparalleled performance under the most challenging conditions.

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IEC 62619 Certification For Rhino Battery Platform

IEC 62619 Certification for Rhino Battery Platform

Rhino Battery Platform has received a certification under IEC 62619, thus complying with electrical safety and mechanical requirements.
In addition, the platform has been functional safety certified according to ISO 13849 achieving performance level D, PLd for safety functions.

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LFP Battery Technology

Electrifying Industrial Machinery: The LFP Battery Technology Approach 

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial machinery, the transition to electrification is a key frontier for innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering robust solutions for the heavy demands of industrial applications. This article delves into the intricacies

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Interview With Summer Trainee

Embracing Professional Growth: An Interview with Lauri Ylä-Himanka, Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions

Discover the journey of Lauri Ylä-Himanka, a 24-year-old automation engineering student at Tampere University and Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions. In the interview, Lauri talks about his background, discussing his work in different industries during summers and how his time at Celltech Solutions contributed to his professional development.

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Battery System Agricultura Equipment

Battery Systems for Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture is one of the most critical sectors of the global economy, providing food and wood for billions of people. However, it is also one of the most energy-intensive sectors, accounting for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the environmental impact and improve the efficiency of agricultural

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Electrifying Non Road Vehicles

Electrifying Non-Road Vehicles

The shift towards electrification is inevitable in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability. It is also an integral part of the digitalisation of non-road transport. This transformation extends far beyond the highways and streets, reaching into the world of non-road vehicles, where Celltech is pioneering advancements in battery technology. Our commitment

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Celltech Heat Pump

Reducing CO2 emissions with heat pumps

Our factory in Tampere uses an air-to-liquid heat pump, which is one of the biggest installations in the industrial field in Finland. We do not use fossil fuels at all, and our electricity is produced 100% fossil free by hydro, wind and nuclear. This helps us cut our carbon footprint.

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