Celltech Heat Pump

Reducing CO2 emissions with heat pumps

Our factory in Tampere uses an air-to-liquid heat pump, which is one of the biggest installations in the industrial field in Finland. We do not use fossil fuels at all, and our electricity is produced 100% fossil free by hydro, wind and nuclear. This helps us cut our carbon footprint.

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Celltech 2nd Design & Development Of Zero Emission Off Highway Machinery

2nd Design & Development of Zero-Emission Off-Highway Machinery

Electric-powered off-highway machines are deployed worldwide in various industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, and defence. The 2nd Design and Development of Zero-Emission Off-Highway Machinery Hybrid Conference is an excellent opportunity to stay on top of industry developments and trends.

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EU Battery Regulation

Industrial battery systems under the new EU battery regulation

The EU is expected to implement the new battery regulation in summer 2023. In January 2023, the complete text outlining the regulation was released. What does it mean for companies that use batteries for industrial equipment? What about companies that produce industrial batteries, like Celltech Solutions? This article aims to answer those questions.

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