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Battery solutions to enable sustainable industrial electrification

The battery industry has been Celltech’s core area of expertise for nearly four decades. Today we are one of Europe’s leading industrial battery and battery system suppliers. We have built an extensive partner network of world-leading cell suppliers, other key component manufacturers, and hundreds of long-lasting customer partnerships. For many of our customers, we are their battery department, taking care of the battery expertise needed in industrial electrification. Originated from The Nordics, we have been expanding our business, and today we serve our customers on every continent. 

Battery Solutions for core industries

We have identified the industries currently going through electrification. Based on our experience and in close co-operation with our customers we have developed battery solutions for these. These industry-specific solutions take into account the specific needs of the industry. In addition to the solutions themselves, we can also recommend a suitable testing and validation program for each industry.


With complete in-house design, tooling, production, and testing capabilities as well as five agile volume production sites in  Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, UK and China, we have wide resources and capacity to manage projects from initial idea to mass production, global logistics, maintenance, and recycling.
With three different platforms as a starting point, we build customised solutions to fit your specific needs. The process starts by specifying your needs followed by a validation process and safety analysis. Naturally, we always test the solutions fully as well as offer training and support to ensure the safe lifetime use of all solutions delivered.


Sustainable battery solutions

We strongly believe that growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Not only do we manufacture sustainable products, mitigating the industry’s negative impact on climate. We are also committed to having a positive impact on people, society, and the environment.

Celltech Lifecycle
LFP Battery Technology

Electrifying Industrial Machinery: The LFP Battery Technology Approach 

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial machinery, the transition to electrification is a key frontier for innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering robust solutions for the heavy demands of industrial applications. This article delves into the intricacies of LFP battery technology, focusing on how companies like Celltech are pioneering the integration of these batteries into industrial machinery, ensuring optimal performance through rigorous testing and the Celltech Lifecycle model. 

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Interview With Summer Trainee

Embracing Professional Growth: An Interview with Lauri Ylä-Himanka, Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions

Discover the journey of Lauri Ylä-Himanka, a 24-year-old automation engineering student at Tampere University and Development Engineer Trainee at Celltech Solutions. In the interview, Lauri talks about his background, discussing his work in different industries during summers and how his time at Celltech Solutions contributed to his professional development.

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